27 June 2021 Product Updates

Two new profiles boost design options

Product Updates

Two new profile doors have been added to our Series 3 range that are right on trend and answer a growing demand for thin frame or fluted doors. 

Fluted profiles such as the new Prague door look amazing for both kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and can also be used as a wall panel with a maximum size of 2400 mm high and 1200mm wide. The textural interest of a 3D door creates the wow factor and can be used to create a central focal point for the room.  Grooves can be positioned horizontally if desired, by reversing the height and width dimensions.   Please be aware that grooves may not always start from the centre of the door and the flat section at the edge will vary from 9-25mm depending on the door size. The distance across the top of one groove to the next is 19mm.

The calls for a thinner Ronda profile have now been answered with the new Berlin profile. It has a 20mm frame which creates a cleaner, more modern aesthetic.

We expect the Berlin will be in hot demand - the only thing to note from a design perspective is the need for care with hinge boring against the thinner frame - hinges should be no deeper than 9mm.   The Berlin can also be supplied as a paint-ready door on our HDF substrate.

Both the A4 Thermoform Specification Manual and the A5 Profile Catalogue have been updated to include these new profiles and can be ordered from our Technical Resources page.

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