15 November 2018 General News

What you should know about gloss acrylic

General News

The high gloss acrylic offered by Dezignatek has a glass-like mirror finish without the imperfections and reflection distortions associated with other finishes such as high gloss lacquer or gloss coatings.

The acrylic panels are manufactured by Prime Panels (a sister company to Dezignatek) and made on a polyurethane (PUR) lamination line in a state-of-the-art clean room facility.   This clean room is key to ensuring that every panel is handled with gloves (literally) and carefully handled through every step of the production process.

The clean room ensures that any contaminants with the potential to cause imperfections in the acrylic while it is still curing are eliminated.    It gives Dezignatek confidence to offer a 10 year warranty on its acrylic products.

Key benefits of the Prime Acrylic we use are:

  • European- sourced acrylic  film with the highest scratch and UV resistance available
  • Won’t chip like a painted surface can
  • Matched laser edging for all colours
  • 10 year warranty
  • Substrate options include MDF and MDF MR/EO.





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