19 May 2020 General News

Up to 20% off edged melamine doors until the end of June 2020

General News

We appreciate that many joiners are short-staffed or run ragged trying to catch up after the lockdown.  Our special offer on melamine doors might be just the thing to give you a more competitive edge. Our new five-day turnaround may help ease the pressure too.

  • We’re offering 15% off the usual list price for our quality custom-made melamine doors - for all orders received up until 4pm Tuesday 30 June.
  • Choose any colour from the Bestwood or Prime Panels melamine ranges – we have 1mm tape for 95 colours and 43 of those have laser edging available.
  • Plus we’ll take a further 5% off for the first order you make using our new online ordering system (just ask your Dezignatek sales rep to sign you up and get you started).

PLUS:  New five day turnaround on standard melamine doors

We’ve changed the way we manage our production for melamine doors. Our turnaround time is now five working days from receipt of your order, until despatch. This only applies to our standard melamine finish options - Velvet and Embossed.  Timberland, Woodgrain and Wilderness are an eight-day turnaround.

Talk to your account manager if you want to know more.  You can view all the melamine options here.

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